I grow everything with my mother; We are Momma-Son. She enjoy growing as much as I do. We grow responsibly and we grow in pots above ground to establish full control of the root zone saturation. When growing inground in Southern Ontario; Nature’s heavy rain and drought have serious effects on the outcome during the flowering stage(s), which could trigger the plants protective reproductive mechanism to produce seeds for lineage preservation. In Pots, I have full control as well as a hybrid connection to the soil. Our grow is fully automated.


I stage the harvest because of our demographics and I am only one person (most of the time). We harvest accordingly by cultivar and we DO NOT MIX variety, regardless if it is THC, CBD or CBG Dominant. All of our flowers are gently wash in 3 different container bins and refresh as needed. First solution Tub is peroxide (>50<100ppm) and acetic acid (like vinegar), 2nd tub is domestic cold water and 3rd tub is also domestic cold water. What we are achieving is removal of as many impurities as possible. Trichomes are sticky an act as a magnet for insect remains and/or any animal poop (insects and birds).
*** If you are wondering; Washed buds dry within the same timeframe as flower that has not been washed. If any difference, washed buds seem to dry slightly faster as once soaked it’s like a wick that pulls out moisture from the center of the flower.

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