We pre-trim our leaves with a Canadian made table top trimmer. The goal is to remove as many fan leaves as possible before going into final trim. There is very little to no trichomes on fan leaves. With that said, there are a few varieties that have very resinous fan leaves. Or fan leaves become resinous when the plant have reverted back to veg from flowering stage. The Fan leaves are not wasted, it makes great fertilizer for the garden, or you can use it in your smoothies. We have more than we can chew, so i usually ends up in the vegetable garden.

Final Trim

We use a state of the art trimming machine, we actually worked with this company and had one of the first machines built. It provides the closest trim against any trimming machinery in the business. I have made modifications for a water misting injector for the machine for smoother operations and cleanup. This machine is has a built in vacuum. It does not use a sheet metal cage tumbler like Twister, Centurion, etc; Instead it uses stainless steet aircraft cable and tension which give the least amount of friction. Therefore, giving the three helical cutting blades the most surface area.


Our dry room is pretty bad-ass in a sense of homogenous conditions. Climate controlled with top 12″ ducting tubes in every row. ** We also have the ability to control the air flow and velocity for each separate row. There is no air exchange, our rooms are sealed and carbon filtered with 2 foot wide and 5 foot tall carbon filter. We have have sufficient dehumidification to keep a steady climate and the ability to dry the flower in slow 14 days or a very quick 4 day dry and cure. We hang dry, freeze dry, but most of the time we dry on meshed shelves.

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